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Super absorbent polymer stabilises fluids into an easily transportable, semi-solid gel

  • Prevents spillage
  • Reduces risk of slips
  • Saves laundry costs
  • Improves health & safety
  • Gives peace of mind to frontline staff

What is SAP

Super absorbent Polymer (SAP) is a revolutionary material created to solve a wide range of health and safety issues. It is a dry granule that quickly absorbs liquids and converts them into a manageable, inert gel for simple and safe disposal.

SAP is very effective and simple to apply. It requires no special skills or training in use – making it ideal for absorbing large spills, vomit, blood, mucus and other medical waste.

Just 8 grams of SAP will absorb 1 litre of water.

Own Branding
Most of our super absorbent products can be branded with your logo and packed in to branded packageing.

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Other absorbent products


absorbent pads and pouches are designed to ensure safe and compliant storage and transport of diagnostic and clinical samples, infectious and hazardous materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and environmental samples.

absorbent pads and pouches are available in a wide range of sizes with absorbency levels calculated to meet all regulatory requirements.


Safe-hold Active Pouches –
a world’s first – for the safe disposal of a cancer relief drug . The adsorbent pouch uses a blend of absorbent materials and activated carbon cloth to ensure that the chemicals used in the drug can be safely immobilised. The patented design is simple yet effective, and has many uses. The pouch traps and deactivates anything it comes into contact with, allowing for the safe transportation and the safer disposal of potentially harmful drugs and chemicals.


Disposable Tray Liners –
for theatres and clinics when autoclaving to reduce damage and condensation The Tray Liners cover theatre trays and baskets to assist in preventing the spread of condensation during autoclaving, thus ensuring dry packs. The disposable liners prevent crossinfection contamination. The Tray Liner is a robust heavy duty material with the ability to absorb condensation. This product can be manufactured to suit your requirements sizes to suit.


Leak Insure

Absorbent sachets for underwater cameras
The Leak Insure sachets are designed to fit inside underwater camera housings or other underwater equipment. If the camera housing leaks the sachets absorb the water and protect the camera from damage. We currently manufacture 4 different sizes to fit most camera housings from small compacts to digital SLR’s and video camera housings.

Click for more info to Leak insure website: leakinsure.com


Bespoke Solutions – Not found what you need? Give us a call!

We have a long history of developing new products to customer specifications and have an extensive range of recourses at our disposal. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements