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Safetygel UK

Anti Bacterial Hand & Surface Wipes

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50-70% Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Killing 99.99% of germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores, these anti-bacterial wipes are ideal for sanitising and disinfecting hands and a variety of hard surfaces. A clean wipe with fast drying action is guaranteed every time in one simple step, offering an effective solution in a professional environment.

  • Leaves residual protection with no odour
  • Easily removes a variety of soils
  • Kind to hands with skin softeners and emollients
  • Formulated with a complex blend of bactericides, alcohol, skin emollients and synthetic cleaning agents designed to kill bacteria and remove dirt
  • =>50-70% v/v Alcohol
  • 200mm x 200mm

For hands: Pull one or two sheets from the dispenser lid. Apply thoroughly to all areas of the hands, spread from fingertips over the palms and backs of hands, between and around ngers and wrists, covering all areas. Allow to dry naturally. 

For surfaces: Apply wipe directly to surface, wetting thoroughly and wiping in one direction only. Allow surface to remain wet for at least 1 minute and allow to dry naturally – DO NOT WIPE DRY OR RINSE TO AVOID CONTAMINATION. If surface is heavily soiled, clean first before disinfecting. Reseal pack after use.