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Reusable Full Face Protective Shield Visor

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A reusable face visor offers effective protection against potential infection by covering the eyes nose and mouth all at once. They have much greater coverage than traditional masks and can act as a deterrent against touching the face and exposing yourself to potential harm.

With an adjustable fastening around the top of the head, they are also a more comfortable alternative to standard masks and similar face coverings. They do not provide any irritation to the face and still allow room for glasses. Standard masks can also be worn underneath for added protection.

Reusable Face Visors are currently highly recommended in the fight to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Face shields are not only ideal to protect front line health workers and other key workers who may be put at risk.

The plastic windows are a strong barrier against droplets, allowing you to avoid skin or eye contact as well as inhalation. They are easy to clean and sanitise for reuse if necessary.

Currently being used in Hospitals, GP's and Care homes across the country, the face shields are a fantastic safeguard in addition to official PPE as we step up our protection against Coronavirus.

These face shields are sent flat-packed with simple assembly instructions.


Lightweight & comfortable
One size fits all with adjustable strap
Save decontamination time
Economical simple design
Easy to use
Manufactured in the UK
Reduced cross-contamination risk
Boost staff wellbeing
Approved by medical staff
No velcro or sticky glue
Minimal storage space required
Sanitise & reuse if permitted